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A key to solving the global environmental problem and ensuring the survival of "homo-sapiens" lies in the application of innovative RECYCLING & PHOTOSYNTHESISING technology.

Consecutive international global warming meetings at Japan, Denmark and South Africa have continued to affirm the fact that despite the practice of remedies such as "carbon certificates", renewable energy, carbon sequestration, etc. the % carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to rise.

However, it is not only the well being of our atmosphere that is at stake, probably of even greater urgency is the present threat of the continuing pollution and plunder of the resources of the earth's crust and water reserves.

*** UPDATE ***

Peter Miller sadly passed away in June 2016; this website is maintained in his memory. It is hoped the information provided on this website will prove useful in promoting Peter's ideas for carbon recycling and for a sustainable future. In particular his recent publication 'Clean and Green' is outlined below, and is also available for download.

CLEAN & GREEN - Plan to organize a World-wide Green Carbon Consortium

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I, you and the rest of us continue to be led around by our respective noses by a determined group of oligarchs to prolong their grip on the control of the events in our world.

Enough is enough !!

The following is a description of a proposed solution to the worsening predicament we are now experiencing on our planet and how to free ourselves from the grip of these people.

The way to this achievement is based on 40 years of innovation and industrial realization whereby a selection of the latest accompanying intellectual property are the following:

  • GB2465762 dated 2 Nov 2011 "Universal fluid purification systems". View here
  • GB2460982 dated 11 May 2011 "Systems of total capture and recycling of used organic and inorganic matter of self-sustainable human settlements". View here
  • GB2490047 dated 3 Feb 2016 "Global recycling of the earth´s natural resources". View here

I am taking this approach for the following reasons:

  1. to ensure readers that it is almost certain that none of the discussed central technical aspects of this presentation can be challenged concerning their authenticity or origin.
  2. to pave the way for united UN member countries to participate in a Research & Development action to realize a global solution to the present environmental disasters we are now experiencing.

The recent climate change meeting in Paris was truly a repeat performance of past multiple conventions of this nature over decades and centuries with no obvious signs of any meaningful outcome.

These conventions could have been arranged and carried out by the fossil carbon giants as advertising campaigns for their continued dominance of the scene.

Not only is there still no convincing solution to the worst global environmental problems, but the great irony of all is that the carbon dioxide that is being increasingly demonized is according to this presentation the main component of a solution to the entire global environmental problem !!

As the heading suggests, the best way to achieve this goal is to have all member countries of the UN join in a concerted effort to solve the global problem once and for all!

An earlier project to produce the capability of destroying the world was known as the "Manhattan-Project" that has resulted in the present storage of thousands of atomic bombs ready to wipe out all signs of life on our planet many times over and perhaps further afield. It would be more than appropriate if as a partial-goal of the present suggested project, these and other deadly weapons would be replaced by systems such as "GREEN CARBON" that could guarantee peaceful pollution-free, societies throughout the world.

It is central to the following proposal that all present and future intellectual property should be legally exploited by each individual member country of the United Nations according and adapted to their individual needs!

In effect such intellectual property organization(s) as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) would not be involved, whereby an agreement leading to a contract with all UN member countries would be individually reached giving each of them the sole right without charge to exploit all innovative technology named or described in patent format in this publication.

Technological Development

Key universities or R&D establishments in a number of countries could be approached to carry out the following development stages:

  1. Laboratory investigations and testing
  2. Pilot-scale realization leading to
  3. Large scale industrial realization

The cost of these development stages could be shared by the entire United Nations national membership according to their GNP/head of population.

Central to the solution is the necessity for nations of the world (the people of the world)
irrespective of religious beliefs or race to cooperate!

The link below entitled CLEAN AND GREEN (Update 2016) summarizes my latest innovations in research and development to provide a universal energy supply in a clean and green environment.

The link below entitled TEC SUMMARY is a compilation of other recent innovations entitled "CARBON and WATER on our Planet must be preserved" and is the culmination of decades of invention and development in the field of recycling relating to the unit operations of fluid purification and solid's recovery across processing industries.

The links entitled intellectual property describe recent proposed developments in the field of global captive carbon recycling with the culmination in the disclosure PCT/GB2011/001556 of the means for the bulk global production of PHOTOSYNTHESISED HYDROGEN & OXYGEN.

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CLEAN & GREEN - Plan to organize a World-wide Green Carbon Consortium Adobe PDF icon Microsoft Word icon
Technical Summary - a brief descriiption of innovative technology. Adobe PDF icon Microsoft Word icon
Intellectual property: WO2009/023265 - selfsustainable human settlements. Adobe PDF icon Microsoft Word icon
Intellectual property: PCT/GB2011/001556 - GLOBAL CAPTIVE CARBON RECYCLING. Adobe PDF icon Microsoft Word icon - background / development / industrial application.